What lies beyond Comfort?

fear of the unknown

Comfort spells ease, familiarity and most of all is a safe place to be in. I know for sure most of my comfortable clothes have been around for ages. Yet I can’t part with them. For me it takes time for the new to familiar.

It is also comfortable to move on a certain route day after day – why? It’s familiar, you can probably drive on an auto-mode, there is also an assurance in seeing the same things, in knowing what to expect. All of us have a tendency to fall into a routine after a certain period of time.
On the other hand, sometimes, I wonder if comfort lets me avoid the unknown roads in favor of the old and the familiar. Sometimes it is easier to hang on to the insights we have gained and the level we have reached rather than risk new paths into unknown territory.

What if I take a different route? Would there be excitement or unease? Is there effort in going beyond what is familiar? It does feel safe to do things in a similar manner, again and again. We kind of get the same result each time. But to try the same thing in a different manner means that the result could be a little different. A different emotion, a different feeling, something unknown. We don’t know what to expect since we don’t know what will come our way. To not know and yet proceed further, requires courage and that requires an expending of our resources and our energy.

Comfort comes in after something has been tried and tested, when the roughness has been smoothened and when we can settle in all the right spaces. Comfort is a warm fuzzy feeling like drinking a hot cup of cocoa on a cold, breezy day. But over time, we can get too comfortable in the way we are, the way we react, and the way we think. I feel this is the point we stop growing. Comfort is going beyond not knowing what will happen next. To allow things to show themselves. The effort of doing something in a different way is in a way like starting again. Starting again is not easy. We all know the effort and the fear involved in beginning anything.

I know for sure that we need to constantly renew our state of alertness and our willingness to risk the unknown. So what if I tell myself that just for today let me step out of my comfort zone and see what lies beyond it. A different route, a different food. Somewhere an excitement starts to build up. If I just allow myself to go along with this excitement, I may discover something different which may be better than the way I always did something. Or I may discover something new about myself. But, If I allow fear to sit with me, then I may be missing the excitement of what I may discover.

What happens if we push ourselves beyond the comfort – maybe we will traverse those far off places that exist deep within our hearts. Maybe we will be in touch with our longing. Maybe what lies beyond the comfort is the call of our soul…..

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